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I want to know more about what online learning is

What is online learning?

It is sometimes called e-learning, m-learning (mobile), Computer Based Training (CBT), online training or online learning. Any of these terms mean that learning is delivered by a computer whenever it's needed. The Upskill People online learning courses are snappy courses that are animated and highly interactive.

What are the advantages of online learning?

You can train an entire team of employees easily and cost effectively. They can learn at work, offsite, or at home and at a time and pace to suit them, even before they join your business. They all get a consistent message and you get a full audit of who has done what (and who hasn’t), instantly.

What’s good online learning?

Good online learning should be really interactive. At every step of the way in our courses the learner is prompted to Stop. Think, Do. We use images, animations, video, sound and text written in plain language. Real world scenarios allow them to practice in a safe environment and hone their skills. Then they’re good to go in your business.

The courses are endorsed by a number of organisations including People 1st.

Over 250,000 people a year in the UK are trained using courses from Upskill People, including those that work for some of the best names in the business. Bottom line - it’s proven, it works.

What does it look like?

Here’s a short tour around the platform and the reporting.

Is this just about compliance – to prove we’ve done it?

Not at all. Compliance for many is a big issue, but simply providing learning as a ‘tick box’ exercise gives little real business benefit. You’ll only be protected if your people are fully aware of what needs to be done and they are doing it, every day. Our courses are designed to get your people putting what they’ve learnt into practice at work and with your customers. Our compliance courses offer relevant and up-to-date learning. This combined with our other skills courses can train your people to deliver outstanding customer service, drive sales and improve the bottom line.

I need to prove compliance, will this help?

Our system shows when a person logged on and what time they spent doing what courses. Their assessment passes are also recorded. You get immediate access to comprehensive reporting showing who has done what (and who hasn’t). We keep a history of everyone that’s completed the learning - even those who have left. All you have to do is make sure your team put into practice the skills they covered in the course - what all good managers do every day.

Will online learning suit my employees?

Some of my employees do not have English as a first language, do the courses work for them?

Upskill People specialises in retail and hospitality; industries where companies employ many different nationalities. Our clients find online learning a benefit for people who have English as a second language. They can learn at their own pace and can take the time to look up any words and phrases they don’t understand. The courses are all highly visual and use simple language and audio to aid understanding.

What about employees who aren’t used to using a computer/tablet/smartphone?

It is really simple to logon and use the courses. As long as they can get online and onto the web site, they will be learning within two clicks or taps. It’s really that easy. There’s no typing, only a mouse or finger is necessary once they’ve entered their username and password. With courses working on all devices, it’s never been easier to get your team learning.

Doing this online with no one monitoring them – will they not just skip through to the quiz?

That is human nature. Many people will try to get through as quickly as possible, if they're experienced that's fine, we won't hold them up. There’s always an assessment to pass at the end that will challenge them to show they’ve understood all the key elements of the course. If they haven’t done the course, the chances are they won’t pass the assessment!

Everyone who does an assessment will see the questions and answers in a randomised way, even when they re-take the questions. At the end if they fail to pass the assessment, feedback tells them which things they need to go back and recap on. Equally, because you can see straightforward reports, you’ll know how long people have taken to complete the course. It also tells you how many times they’ve tried to do the quiz so you can see who may need a little help (and who may have tried to take a short cut!).

How many times can people take the course?

As many times as they need to. If the learner or their manager needs to refresh their skills they can.

Do you get a certificate at the end?

Yes. Certificates are available for all the courses once they’ve been completed and the assessment passed. They can be downloaded and printed, all included in the price.

How long does each course take to complete?

We think of our concise courses as an ‘espresso shot’ of learning. We know that people learn best in short, sharp, concentrated bursts so that’s how we’ve developed our modules. They get exactly the information they need so they can quickly put it into practice to benefit your business. We set completion times for each course and benchmark these with other companies. Courses take between 10 and 40 minutes to complete. The larger courses are broken up into smaller modules of 15 minutes as we know some learners have short attention spans and like to achieve something as often as possible.

What happens if you need a break?

That’s fine, platform has a full bookmark system that remembers where each person get to in each course and lets them go straight back to where they left off.

Is online learning motivating?

Well, we think so. There’s nothing worse than just reading a load of text on a screen. Our courses use a lot of interaction, animation and sound to keep learners engaged. We have been creating retail online learning since 1994 and put a lot of effort into researching the fastest and most effective ways to help people learn. Our learners tell us they get a real sense of achievement on completing each course and that makes them want to do more and use their skills at work.

How easy is it for me to manage the training?

Can I see who’s done what course?

Yes. With the Upskill People Learning Platform you can easily see who has done what and where people might need a bit of help and encouragement -all on any device, instantly. Your data is safe. It’s looked after by the UK’s leading hosting company.

Can people see what courses they can do so they can manage it themselves?

Every employee gets a personalised individual login. They see a road map of all the courses available to them and can complete them in turn or in any order.

If we get stuck, how do I get help?

There's help online with straight forward "How To" Guides and from anywhere in the platform you can send us a message and we'll get back to you with help. Our focus is on making things as simple as possible and we get a very small number of support emails. You can be confident your team will be accessing trouble-free learning.

Technical stuff

Do the training courses need to be installed on a computer?

No. Because all the courses are online, there is no software that you to download.

Do I need a superfast broadband connection?

You need a good connection, but any broadband or 3G phone connection should work just fine.

Can these courses be completed on any device?

The platform can be accessed on any device that’s online, PC/Mac, Tablet, Smartphone. Managers can access up to date reporting on any device.

What if my computer crashes or I lose my phone?

The entire system works online via the internet. No data is stored on any device - it’s all online - so, once you have a device you can get back online with, you can use the system again and pick up where you left off.

Will I need speakers/headphones?

There is audio on every course and it certainly adds to the learning experience. However, if you don’t have speakers/headphones or have any hearing difficulties that’s fine, the facts are all on screen in text and all videos have subtitles.

How long does it take to set up each employee?

It’s instant and really quick and easy. We provide you with a manager account that lets you add new employees, set the courses they will do and when they move on set them as a leaver (but you can still see their learning audit). If people change roles then a different set of courses can be allocated to them.

Does every one of my employees need an email address?

Yes, they use this as their log on. Any email will do, even a free one from Google or Apple (these are automatically set up if you have an Apple or Android phone so most people have one). We use this email to keep employees up to date with anything that’s relevant to them and also to confirm their log on details. The email address is entered when the account is created.

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